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Gedit File Search Plugin 1.0 available – now for Gedit 3

September 10, 2013

The first version of Gedit File Search Plugin for Gedit 3.4 is finally available. This is mainly the work of Adam Dingle who did the initial port to GTK3 and the new plugin system, and I’m very grateful for his work!

Note that this version has only been tested with Gedit 3.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. It might work on other systems as well, though – I’m eager to hear of your experiences.

So go ahead and download the new release!

Also, if you are using Gedit 2, there’s a separate version available.


Gedit File Search Plugion 0.6 available

September 8, 2013

A new version of GeditĀ File Search Plugin is available, with minor bugfixes. More importantly, this is probably the last release to support Gedit 2 – any further work on this plugin will probably only happen for Gedit 3. Given that version 0.6 should be quite stable and bugfree, this ought to be a good time to send this branch into retirement, and move focus to Gedit 3.

So go ahead and download the plugin – no use in waiting!

[Update: to clarify, this version supports Gedit 2 only. A version for Gedit 3 will be released soon.]

Gedit File Search Plugin 0.5 brings translations

August 1, 2011

The new release of Gedit File Search Plugin is now available! Its major new feature is that the plugin can now be translated, thanks to the work of Jean-Philippe Fleury. He has also contributed a French translation. A Russian translation was done by Andrey Sitnik, and I’ve added a German one.

In addition, the plugin code is now in an own directory so it doesn’t clutter up the Gedit plugins directory. Also, some other minor improvement have been added.

What are you waiting for? Download the plugin and enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy it :-) leave a comment, please!

Gedit File Search Plugin 0.4 released

May 10, 2011

There’s a new version available of the Gedit File Search Plugin, this time with only a few minor changes:

  • the file search can now be accessed from context menu of File Browser in left pane
  • the “Browse…” dialog now also shows remote directories (note that searching in remote directories might be quite slow, though)
  • when double-clicking on a result line, all matches are now highlighted in the document window (thanks to Rob for the basic implementation)

Download and enjoy :-) and if you see any problems (or see no problems at all), leave some feedback below!

Gedit File Search Plugin 0.3 is available

March 1, 2011

Much time has passed, but after one and a half years there is finally a new release available of the Gedit File Search plugin.
This version contains mostly changes by external contributors:

  • from Martin Bonnin comes the automatic completion of directory names, and various bug fixes
  • yet another bugfix came from soiamso
  • both Strandjata and Rob have sent own implementations of the “Search for Whole Word” option
  • finally, there are now Expand All / Collapse All items in the context menu for the results

I’d like to thank all these people for their work to make this plugin better!

So, if you are looking for a simple and robust way to search through a whole directory in Gedit, download the plugin and give it a try! And if you see anything that bugs you, or that doesn’t work, or that makes you happy: leave some feedback below!

Gedit File Search Plugin 0.2 is out

August 13, 2009

After long hiatus, there’s a new version of the File Search plugin for Gedit. However, the only visible change is that results are now sorted. Most changes have happened under the hood meanwhile, by reorganizing the search implementation. Hopefully this will allow for some more goodies in the future (Progress bar? Integration with some Project Manager plugin?); but for now I’m glad that this change is done.

So please give it a try, and if you notice anything weird about it, please leave a comment! I’m especially interested to hear if there’s any visible slowdown due to sorting… Theoretically it should be slower, but in practice it shouldn’t be noticeable.

Btw. many thanks for your feedback so far! It’s really good to see how the plugin is used “in the wild”, and I’m planning to get lots of the ideas and comments into the next version – hopefully without such a long delay this time :-)

Gedit File Search Plugin 0.1 released

February 15, 2009

Yesterday I made the first “official release” of my File Search plugin for Gedit. If you are missing a comfortable yet feature-rich file search functionality in Gedit, this might be for you. Download the plugin and give it a try!

I’m interested in your feedback! So if you like it or dislike it, or have suggestions for improvements, leave me a comment below!