Calendarserver and DAV_DAV_NOT_CALDAV error

So I had just copied the data of my Darwin Calendarserver from an old to a new disk, but Thunderbird only showed the error DAV_DAV_NOT_CALDAV (“CalDAV: Calendar points to a DAV resource, but not a CalDAV calendar”) on console when trying to open the calendars.

After enabling verbose logging in Thunderbird (by setting calendar.debug.log and calendar.debug.log.verbose to true) and digging through the Lightning sources (in the extensions/{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/components/ directory of my Thunderbird profile), it turned out that the error was that the calendars had the “{DAV:}resourcetype” attribute set to just “collection” rather then both “collection” and “calendar”. This was also visible when opening https://homeserver/calendars/users/oliver/calendar/ in Firefox. However, I couldn’t find out the cause for this from Calendarserver, neither from logs nor from code.

But digging into other directions finally produced a result: the extended attributes were missing on the copied data. Sure, the old disk had had the user_xattr flag set in /etc/fstab; and the new partition even uses that flag automatically (as seen from /proc/mounts). But for copying the data, I had attached the old disk via USB and had mounted it manually – and in that step I had forgotten to specify “-o user_xattr” :-( . Without that parameter, even “cp -ax” can’t copy these attributes.

After mounting the old disk with the correct and copying the data over again, “getfattr -d -R /var/spool/caldavd” finally showed lots of extended attribute values, and Thunderbird finally opened the calendars. Success!

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