Gedit File Search Plugin 1.2 now supports Gedit 3.12

The latest Gedit File Search Plugin now adds support for two more Gedit versions: Gedit 3.10 will be used by Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr” (soon be released), and Gedit 3.12 is currently the latest bleeding-edge release available.

Unfortunately the Gedit in Ubuntu 14.04 lacks some features which were used by this plugin: namely, the file browser in the side bar doesn’t offer a Search in Files shortcut any more, and highlighting of file search results in opened documents doesn’t work any more. While Gedit has regained these features in later versions, that’s only small consolation for Ubuntu LTS users.
I’m not sure if there’s a way to work around these shortcomings, or if it’s possible to add these features to the Ubuntu Gedit version. Guess once we actually start using it in the next weeks/months it’ll become apparent whether this is a real problem.

There haven’t been any other changes in this release; but if you run a new version of Gedit, download Gedit File Search Plugin 1.2 and give it a try!

12 Responses to “Gedit File Search Plugin 1.2 now supports Gedit 3.12”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How difficult would it be to enhance the plugin to search for a list of terms, that were defined, say in an XML file? You load the XML and search a file or files for all the terms.

  2. hugo Says:

    Estou usando o plugin no gedit 3.13 no mac os e o plugin nĂ£o esta funcionando

  3. Tosh Says:

    This plugin works as documented :-). Thx!. Sometimes I just wish to find all occurrences of a string in the current open file. Presently the plugin will attempt to search through all files in the current folder. Can that option be added? or am I missing how to use this search option? Tosh.

  4. olivergerlich Says:

    Hi Tosh, what you have described is currently not possible with the plugin.
    It should be possible to change the plugin so that it allows searching in a single document only; but honestly I don’t plan to do any work on the plugin in the next time – sorry.
    Though, If a patch for this feature is submitted on Github, I’ll have a look at it.

  5. Ahmad Muzakki Says:

    Hi Tosh, is it can do find and replace ?

  6. Ahmad Muzakki Says:

    Hi Oliver, is it can do find and replace ?

  7. olivergerlich Says:

    Ahmad: no, the plugin cannot do replacement. It can only find text, but not replace it.

  8. stevewishstar Says:

    Oliver. FYI: It seems you .gitignore the file-search/gschemas.compiled in your repository, yet the plugin needs it to show the dialog box. Therefore, the `git clone` version of the plugin doesn’t allow one to do their searches. I found the needed file in your zip file, so I’m good, but this note may help someone till that is included again. Thanks for the plugin.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I was looking for the “donate” PayPal link for a small donation, but did not find it … I am a developer and this plugin is a huge time saver …

  10. Anonymous Says:

    very helpful. Gedit is incomplete without this plugin!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the plugin! Working well with gedit on Ubuntu 16.04. However, I just installed Ubuntu 18.4, and can’t close the results window at the bottom of the editor. The ‘x’ button is grey, not matter if there were results or not.

  12. Petr Says:

    Thank you for this plugin, I like it.

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