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jhbuild + etckeeper: “Please tell me who you are.”

March 3, 2014

>be using Etckeeper with Git under Ubuntu 14.04 alpha
>be running “jhbuild --sysdeps install”
>be entering password for package installation
>jhbuild installs packages successfully, but then…
>a wild error appears:

*** Please tell me who you are.


  git config --global ""
  git config --global "Your Name"

to set your account's default identity.
Omit --global to set the identity only in this repository.

fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'root@trusty64vb.(none)')
E: Problem executing scripts DPkg::Post-Invoke 'if [ -x /usr/bin/etckeeper ]; then etckeeper post-install; fi'
E: Sub-process returned an error code

>”git config --global --get”
>shows correct email
>oh wait, sudo?
>”sudo git config --global --get”
>still looks good
>oh wait, actual root?
>”sudo su -”
>”git config --global --get”

$ sudo su –
# git config --global “root@trusty64vb”
# git config --global “Root”
# exit

(also, explains why problem didn’t appear in 12.04)