Gedit File Search Plugin 1.1 with support for Gedit 3.8

There’s a new version of the Gedit File Search Plugin available, which has been ported to Python 3. This means that Gedit 3.8 is now supported as well.

Internally, the code has been ported to run under both Python 2.7 and Python 3. Also, to accomodate the plugin loaders in the different Gedit versions, there are now two File Search entries in the plugin selection dialog: one for “current” Gedit, and one for Gedit before version 3.8. If you’re unsure which one to enable, just try both: one will refuse to load, and the other one should work :-)

So if you have been itching to use the file search plugin with a current Gedit version, go ahead and download the new release!

7 Responses to “Gedit File Search Plugin 1.1 with support for Gedit 3.8”

  1. tom Says:

    Hi. I’ve used the plugin with gedit 3.8.3 under ubuntu 13.10 (64-bit). It worked perfectly for about a day, but suddenly disappeared from menu, and though shown in ‘prefernces > plugins’ tab, it can’t be enabled.
    I’ve re-installed it, unpacked from tar, cloned from git, and still no success. Any ideas of where i should look for failures/incompatibility?

  2. olivergerlich Says:

    Sounds like a strange problem… When you try to re-enable the plugin, does it show an error icon? Does this also happen when you try to enable the “Search in Files for Gedit < 3.8)" entry?

    Also, could you try running Gedit from command line? You need to close all Gedit windows for this and then run "gedit" from terminal. Then try to enable the plugin, and send the output that appears on terminal.

    Finally, maybe there's some conflict with another plugin (I've never encountered this so far but it might be possible). Do you have any other plugins enabled that didn't come with the initial Gedit?

  3. abhijit Says:

    Hi. Followed the steps mentioed, extract to plugins directory and then launch gedit, tools, preferences,plugins. While enabling the plugin it gives error. “An error occured: failed to load plugin”.
    I have GEdit 3.8.3, Ubuntu 13.10(64-bit).
    It comes for (<3.8) as well. I tried launching from terminal as well, but in vain.

  4. olivergerlich Says:

    Hi abhijit, thanks for the feedback! When you start gedit from terminal and try to enable the plugin, do you get any output on terminal?

  5. olivergerlich Says:

    abhijit, could you try installing the “gir1.2-gtksource-3.0” package (sudo apt-get install gir1.2-gtksource-3.0)? Looks like this is required for Python-based plugins in Gedit.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    When I install the latest version in Gedit 3.4.1, it doesn’t show up, even if it is enabled in the plugins.

  7. olivergerlich Says:

    Anonymous: does it work if you press Ctrl+Shift+F? And if you right-click in a document, is there a new menu item like “Search files…”?

    Also, what distribution do you use (Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse…)?

    Also, could you try running Gedit from terminal, to catch any error messages:
    – press Alt+F2
    – type “gnome-terminal” (without the quotes) and press Enter
    – in the terminal window that appears, type “gedit -s” (without the quotes) and press Enter to start Gedit
    – disable and re-enable the File Search plugin in Gedit
    – if there is any output in the terminal, could you please post that here? It might give some clues what’s wrong with the plugin.

    Thanks, Oliver

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