Refreshing DNS-SD entries in Nautilus

When publishing a new DNS-SD service (aka Zeroconf, Bonjour, or Rendezvous) with Avahi (eg. by adding a .service file in /etc/avahi/service/), Nautilus sometimes doesn’t pick up changes made to the .service file, even though avahi-discover and avahi-browse have picked up the modifications. Killing and restarting Nautilus or Avahi doesn’t help either; the trick is to kill the gvfsd-network and gvfsd-dnssd processes, eg. with “killall gvfsd-network gvfsd-dnssd“.

Btw. for debugging, the gvfs-ls and gvfs-info command line tools are quite useful as they show the same info as displayed by Nautilus.

Oh, and if you want to use the “p=” parameter in a .service file for specifying the password for FTP: it’s not supported by Nautilus – only the “path” and “u” parameters are handled. If you really want to avoid any prompt when double-clicking an FTP share in Nautilus, either allow login as user anonymous on your FTP server (and specify “<txt-record>u=anonymous</txt-record>” in your .service file); or save the FTP password in the Gnome keyring.

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