Gedit File Search Plugion 0.6 available

A new version of Gedit File Search Plugin is available, with minor bugfixes. More importantly, this is probably the last release to support Gedit 2 – any further work on this plugin will probably only happen for Gedit 3. Given that version 0.6 should be quite stable and bugfree, this ought to be a good time to send this branch into retirement, and move focus to Gedit 3.

So go ahead and download the plugin – no use in waiting!

[Update: to clarify, this version supports Gedit 2 only. A version for Gedit 3 will be released soon.]

3 Responses to “Gedit File Search Plugion 0.6 available”

  1. Anand Patel Says:


    I have follow all the steps but not able to find the “File Search” option in the gedit>edit>preferences>plugins>

  2. olivergerlich Says:

    Hi Anand,

    do you use Gedit 2, or Gedit 3? Or, what distribution are you using? I’ve realized that the post is unclear on this point, and have added a note.

    Btw. if you use Ubuntu 12.04 (or Gedit 3.4), you can test the next version by downloading it from . The README file in that download contains updated installation instructions as well. I will post an official release announcement soon.

  3. Gedit File Search Plugin 1.0 available – now for Gedit 3 | Olivers Weblog Says:

    […] Just another weblog (indeed) « Gedit File Search Plugion 0.6 available […]

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