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Refreshing DNS-SD entries in Nautilus

September 22, 2013

When publishing a new DNS-SD service (aka Zeroconf, Bonjour, or Rendezvous) with Avahi (eg. by adding a .service file in /etc/avahi/service/), Nautilus sometimes doesn’t pick up changes made to the .service file, even though avahi-discover and avahi-browse have picked up the modifications. Killing and restarting Nautilus or Avahi doesn’t help either; the trick is to kill the gvfsd-network and gvfsd-dnssd processes, eg. with “killall gvfsd-network gvfsd-dnssd“.

Btw. for debugging, the gvfs-ls and gvfs-info command line tools are quite useful as they show the same info as displayed by Nautilus.

Oh, and if you want to use the “p=” parameter in a .service file for specifying the password for FTP: it’s not supported by Nautilus – only the “path” and “u” parameters are handled. If you really want to avoid any prompt when double-clicking an FTP share in Nautilus, either allow login as user anonymous on your FTP server (and specify “<txt-record>u=anonymous</txt-record>” in your .service file); or save the FTP password in the Gnome keyring.


Gedit File Search Plugin 1.0 available – now for Gedit 3

September 10, 2013

The first version of Gedit File Search Plugin for Gedit 3.4 is finally available. This is mainly the work of Adam Dingle who did the initial port to GTK3 and the new plugin system, and I’m very grateful for his work!

Note that this version has only been tested with Gedit 3.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. It might work on other systems as well, though – I’m eager to hear of your experiences.

So go ahead and download the new release!

Also, if you are using Gedit 2, there’s a separate version available.

Gedit File Search Plugion 0.6 available

September 8, 2013

A new version of Gedit File Search Plugin is available, with minor bugfixes. More importantly, this is probably the last release to support Gedit 2 – any further work on this plugin will probably only happen for Gedit 3. Given that version 0.6 should be quite stable and bugfree, this ought to be a good time to send this branch into retirement, and move focus to Gedit 3.

So go ahead and download the plugin – no use in waiting!

[Update: to clarify, this version supports Gedit 2 only. A version for Gedit 3 will be released soon.]