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Gedit File Search Plugin 0.3 is available

March 1, 2011

Much time has passed, but after one and a half years there is finally a new release available of the Gedit File Search plugin.
This version contains mostly changes by external contributors:

  • from Martin Bonnin comes the automatic completion of directory names, and various bug fixes
  • yet another bugfix came from soiamso
  • both Strandjata and Rob have sent own implementations of the “Search for Whole Word” option
  • finally, there are now Expand All / Collapse All items in the context menu for the results

I’d like to thank all these people for their work to make this plugin better!

So, if you are looking for a simple and robust way to search through a whole directory in Gedit, download the plugin and give it a try! And if you see anything that bugs you, or that doesn’t work, or that makes you happy: leave some feedback below!