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Gedit File Search Plugin 0.2 is out

August 13, 2009

After long hiatus, there’s a new version of the File Search plugin for Gedit. However, the only visible change is that results are now sorted. Most changes have happened under the hood meanwhile, by reorganizing the search implementation. Hopefully this will allow for some more goodies in the future (Progress bar? Integration with some Project Manager plugin?); but for now I’m glad that this change is done.

So please give it a try, and if you notice anything weird about it, please leave a comment! I’m especially interested to hear if there’s any visible slowdown due to sorting… Theoretically it should be slower, but in practice it shouldn’t be noticeable.

Btw. many thanks for your feedback so far! It’s really good to see how the plugin is used “in the wild”, and I’m planning to get lots of the ideas and comments into the next version – hopefully without such a long delay this time :-)